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Our Services

Our wide range of services are available for your daily road vehicle, and also for motorsport and competition vehicles.

Wheel Alignments

Poor wheel alignment can cause premature wear and tear on your tyres, cause problems with your car's handling and reduce the safety of your vehicle.    Wheels can become out of alignment from your daily commute, and further impacted by driving over potholes and against the kerb.

We can evaluate your vehicle and make the necessary adjustments to ensure you stay safe on the road.

Wheel Balancing

Unbalanced wheels cause similar problems as wheel alignment, but also puts more strain on your suspension and steering components, causing them to wear out faster.  If you are noticing any vibration while driving, especially at high speeds, then you may have a balance problem.

Safety Checks

We can provide comprehensive safety checks for vehicles you own, or vehicles you are about to purchase.

Safety checks allow us to review the current state of the vehicle, determine any current problems, and any maintenance that should be carried out to prevent problems in the future.

Battery Replacement

If you notice vehicle sounds like it is straining when you start your car in the morning, it may be time for a new battery.  We can inspect your battery and advise if you need a replacement.  Don't leave it too late, it's a simple thing to replace and you don't want to be stuck when you have somewhere to be!

Performance & 4WD Exhausts

We supply and install the best sounding and performing Magnaflow and Manta exhaust systems for your performance and 4WD vehicles.

Suspension Servicing

Good suspension ensures that your tyres stay in contact with the road, and is important for comfort, handling and safety.

Steering Repairs

If your steering is too loose, difficult to turn or just doesn't feel quite right, then it's a good idea to have it checked.  We can repair manual and power steering, and fix leaking steering fluid issues.

Brake Servicing

Brakes are the component with one of the biggest impacts on safety in your car.  Brake pads need to be changed regularly, but the system that operates the brakes should also be inspected to ensure they are working correctly.